​Dimension 0 : Points of Truth

What is the truth? we may naively ask

to really use the heart as we joyfully bask

what is the truth? we all eagerly seek

to enjoy the moments as we all speak

what is the truth? that fondly be told

the stories of life that we dearly uphold

what is the truth? that we can greatly believe

the power of dreams for us all to achieve

what is the truth? that we shall all learn

dignity of life for us all we should earn

what is the truth? that we can vividly see

the shape of life, we are carving it out to be

what is the truth? that we will clearly hear

whispers of change that will roar in our ears

what is the truth? we can definitely touch

to open up closed hearts, as we do the search

what is the truth? that we can really feel

joy in our hearts as we truly reveal

 what is the truth? that we always need

view from within, that grows from the seed

what is the truth? that we may all find

we are the masters of our own kind

what is the truth? we will soon figure

Geometry Of Dimensions and the point of its vigor

Dimension 1 : Lines of Faith

What is your line of faith? if they ask

draw upon your points of truth and bask

how to keep that faith? if they say

feeling alive in the heart is the only way

how long can you draw them? if they doubt

growing along with every breath, we sprout

do not cross those lines, if they warn

tell them we all meet at the same dawn

what if it makes a mess? they fear

show them the bigger picture and draw them near

what is the use of it all? they growl

just keep smiling and continue to stroll

Dimension 2 : Circles of Love

Stride along the lines of faith of yours

and reach out to the hearts of others

leave out virtual ego within and

try to connect to their points of truth

then turn around filled with joy of life

as you figure out that shape of love

goes round and round to the starting point

as this journey of life goes on and on

we will all find new friends for fun

we can take miracles of wow

as we all make circles of love

Dimension 3 : Spheres of Peace

Reveal the points of truth to

repeal the painful lies

retrace the lines of faith to

replace the grimes of guise

roll on the circles of love to

reform the crumples of hate

rotate the spheres of peace to 

restore all that's just right

Dimension 4 : Glomes of Hope

If there is no hope to revive

there will be no scope to survive

if you find someone in despair

give them lots of hope and time to repair

tell them to be truthful and they shall recieve

tell them to be faithful and they must believe

tell them to be loving and they will conceive

tell them to be hopeful and they can achieve

with glomes of hope and dreams to drive

we can all prosper and merrily thrive

Dimension 5 : Knowledge of Light

To know thy self is to learn forever

as going to the sea is to flow like a river

on this journey of life we can all grow together

compete and cooperate, always bound with a tether

we can maneuver the hurdles by being so clever

but lets also make sure that its all good for each other

there will be moments of darkness when we may shiver

but remember that knowledge of light gives us all the power

Dimension 6 : Imagination of Mind

Let's kick off a bang and enjoy the song

sit back, relax and we can just ride along

let's pump up the volume and zoom across the sky

we can slide on the space and slip on some time

let's pile up the dust and churn it in our fist

we can light up the stars and spin up some mars

let's dive on an earth and give life a birth

we can let life evolve as we all revolve

let's all just dance till we tango in trance

we can all take chance, make love and romance

let's glide on the trees and fly in the clouds

we can walk on the water and shred all the doubts

let's light up the hearts and put sparks in the dark

we can bring smiles on the faces of all people in the park

let's imagine that this really is in the minds of us all

we can play this forever, all we have to do is just answer that call

Dimension 7 : Wisdom of Soul

We are all here and we are all now

we all know that we will all be gone some how

we may never know where we all flow

we can just smile and take a little bow

we may be black, we may be white

we may be brown just for delight

we may be of colors but we are always the light

we may be rich, we may be poor

we may just switch in between this tour

we may some times glitch but we are always so sure

we may be left, we may be right

we may be in the middle and just watch the fight

we may take sides but we are all so bright

we are here to sing, we are here to dance

we all can come together and just tango in trance

we may not know the purpose of life but

we all can give love a chance and do romance

Dimension 8 : Beauty of Whole

At the end of a raging storm, the blow of a gentle breeze is beautiful

In the middle of a deadly fight, soothing words of kindness are beautiful

in the heart of perplexing complexity, finding the source of simplicity is beautiful

in the middle of terrible noise, a moment of absolute silence is beautiful

in the grip of a freezing cold, warmth of a loving hug is beautiful

in the center of scorching fire, the chill of a friendly smile is beautiful

in the barren of an empty land, the scene of a sprouting plant is beautiful

in the midst of random chaos, finding extreme order is so beautiful

in the greedy world of opulence, feeding those who are really hungry is beautiful

in the path of hateful destruction, the constructive power of love is beautiful

in the desperate times of despair, the support from a helping hand is beautiful

in this endless cosmic web of space-time, the glow of shining light is beautiful

in this overwhelming world of virtual information, realization of the true self is beautiful

Dimension 9 : Sustainability of Life

If we all have the heart to preserve

we can all come together and conserve

If we pay attention to what's only available

 we can make our selves more prudent and responsible

if we realize that life with out care is easily perishable

 we can all make everything durable and recyclable

if we all really care for our mother nature

 we can all strive and make life sustainable

if we can preserve the balance of it all

​we can all enjoy and behold the beauty of life

Dimension 10 : Realization of Self

When the student is ready to learn without a doubt

the master appears to teach within a simple sprout

they grab their palette of paints filled with colorful points of truth

they stroke with their long brushes of patience on the canvas of life

they draw those beautiful lines of faith to give their amazing practice a start

they draw circles of love as they serve all those around

they spin up the spheres of peace with their gracious movements in space

they throw out the glomes of hope that make changes in time

they shine on the path of its flight with integrity and knowledge of light

they keep it all enticing with creativity and pure imagination of mind

they steer it all right with sagacity and wisdom of the soul

they enjoy the beauty of it all with their appreciation of the whole

they play this game of life with sustainability and for lots of fun

when they joyfully unite again, the play will be over and done

as the realization of the self dawns that GOD is one in all and all in one.

                               "You don't open a book, you open a Mind and touch the SOUL"

Any Body Can Derive Everything From GOD