The purpose of this blog is for Conscious shift towards love, peace and tolerance. We are all a combination of true self (soul), ego (virtual self), intellect and body. We all have a lot of selfish instincts by nature. Selfishness arises to preserve the virtual self or ego and it is an important aspect for creation, preserving and extending life in duality. But if it grows beyond a point it can become the cause of suffering and destruction. Please see the Universal Self Evaluation Metrics, USEM, to examine your current state of being. Purpose of spirituality is to bring about a balance between the functioning of virtual self (ego) and the realization of true self by raising of consciousness so that we can enjoy a more beautiful life. We lead most of our lives governed by egocentric choices and decisions which are the root cause of suffering and destruction all around. In order to bring about the  much required peace and joy to our self and the world around we need to take a methodical approach to bring about the change to a higher consciousness of our true self. Transcendence or the raising of consciousness (kundalini) is mostly a natural process that is always happening with in all beings. But becoming aware of this process lets us master the senses and the basic elements and results in a fulfilling experience of life. As a good mechanic is a better driver, a good doctor is a healthy person, so is a good spiritual person a better citizen. We have built a society where we have outsourced most of the important knowledge of life to special groups and we just visit them when we are in dire straits for a quick remedy. We can make a better society if most of us are trained in at least the basics of well being in all physical, mental and emotional aspects of life.This is by no means an easy process and requires a lot of dedication & determination to achieve what we have put forth to do. I have broadly classified the process of shifting consciousness in to three fundamental stages. Each stage will have further details on how to fulfill that stage. 

Align : First we have to accept that we have fallen out of touch with our true self and we have to distinguish our true self from the strongly manifested ego that we have come to identify our self to be in everyday life. Every morning before assuming a virtual identity (ego) after we wake up to function in this world, it is very important that one takes a few moments with one self and ask what we are here for? The answer should be to be joyful and spread the joy. If the answer is something else then we have not yet aligned to our true self. The key factors that attribute to the strengthening of ego are food, activity and relationships. So let's review them and see how we can align them.

Food: We are what we eat and this statement can not be more true. Our guts are full of different kinds of microbes and each variety of them releases different chemicals in our bodies which drive our moods and behaviors. An imbalance of the gut flora will cause a great deal of mental disharmony and false identification. It is imperative that one start with a healthy diet preferably vegetarian to align fast. Incorporate good cultured foods such as Yogurt with less sugar and reduce sweet and yeast intake. Take good probiotics to replenish the gut flora. Stop alcohol, cigarette and any consciousness altering products fully. They provide only a temporary relief from a much bigger problem caused by our false identity or ego. They only make the ego stronger as their effect fades and thus one becomes a victim for these products as one tries to be closer to one true self through these false mediums. Azadirachta indica, also known as Neem products and coconut products will aid in expediting the restoration of gut microcosm. One will notice a behavioral pattern change as one continues this diet for a few days. One should at the least control their diet so that it does not take over their life for worse.

Activity : Exercise is a must to keep the body fit. Incorporate running, walking, cycling, or some sport for at least an hour a day. The importance of physical exertion is that it brings focus to one's breath which shifts the consciousness from the ego to true self as it resides in the heart. There are specific breathing techniques of YOGA (Pranayama) which can help us achieve the awareness of the true self. 

Relationships : We need to distance our selves from settings or situations which encourage the ego to become stronger. This could be environments which promote small talk, spread hatred and discuss mundane topics. Avoid such networks and situations as much as possible. If it is totally necessary to be a part of those networks, be there with minimal involvement. Try to divert the discussions to higher consciousness if you can, this will come naturally when one gets to the third stage of Sustenance.Science is a tricycle with the wheels of Faith, Hope and Proof. This is the best vehicle to use while we are in the aligning stage. Explore scientific understanding of our body, planet and the universe. This exploration will humble our ego and align us towards our true self. With every new discovery we get closer to the truth and will be humbled and amazed by our existence. 

Every night before going to sleep connect with your true self, ask your self who you have been through out the day and see how much joy you had by being your true self or the pain you have caused by being egoistic and then keep aside all the false identities that you have assumed through out the day. Do not take along the false identity (ego) with you to sleep, it will only grow in your dreams and makes it much more difficult to re align in the morning. Read several books on spirituality and listen to spiritual music. There are great many true masters in the world. Find one and have true faith in their teaching and become a student in the first two stages that I am prescribing. 

Instill : Now that we have aligned our self physically, mentally and have a basic understanding of the ego and true self, we need to prepare a road map to instill the true identity further. We need to allocate more time each day to assimilate more knowledge of who we really are. Reading more relevant spiritual books and biographies of great masters will help.  We have to realize that there are certain things in the universe which are beyond our understanding. We have to learn to surrender our ego to this truth that it cannot comprehend everything with the intellect that it constantly uses.  We can also employ a religious bicycle for this stage of our progression, brand of the bicycle is of no importance, we have to always remember that it is just a bicycle serving a purpose and nothing more. Devotion is a means of dissolving the ego in to some thing else and is the easy path of surrendering and religion is just a guide that helps one in this process. At this stage of our development we let go of the wheel of proof and enjoy the ride with wheels of faith and hope. The fundamental principles of any good religion are morality and voluntary service which are good tools to employ for surrendering the ego to the greater truth. It is very important that we do not become attached to the brand of the bicycle more than required, rather we should appreciate different brands and see which one has the features that best suit our current conscious state and can aid in our progression. Now following the path of devotion and service should be habituated in to regular life. If one takes to this path and does it with sincerity one will soon realize a blissful and peaceful state.

Sustain : Once we have aligned our self fully and have instilled the required focus in our path to spiritual progression, we can continue on our transcendence for sustaining the self realization. The true self realization can dawn on any one of us at any time during this whole spiritual process. It can occur in the very beginning of the first stage of alignment or during the second stage of Instilling or during the final stage of Sustenance. When that happens it will be moment of total absolute bliss and like nothing else we have experienced after we have grown up from being that little bundle of joy we were when we arrived on the planet. But this moment can quickly fade and we will be drawn back to duality and egocentric way of life and we might experience a severe pain and struggle to get back to this blissful state. We will keep trying to get back to that state and yearn for it and hence the third stage of conscious shift process. We have to employ the unicycle of spirituality in this stage. Before we do that if we have used a bicycle of particular brand in the second stage, we need to stop using that particular brand and try a different brand for sometime, this exercise is to make the ego let go of the bicycle. It will not let go of some thing that it has acquired, that is the nature of the ego. Once we are comfortable with different brands of bicycle the time will come for us to pick up the unicycle. This is the stage we let go of the wheel of hope, hope that there is some one else out there who is responsible for everything that is happening with in and with out. Don't be wary of withering body or the wavering mind, just be aware of the awareness that you really are. We need to start believing in just our true self, that is true FAITH, Feel Alive In The Heart. 

Mindfully Engage Delightful Insight Towards Absolute True Enlightenment, Transcendental Meditation is the best technique that can be employed to sustain the conscious state of self realization through Mindfully Allowing Natural Thoughts Resolve Absolutely and to raise the Kundalini Shakthi through all the chakras to its fullest potential of Shiva.We are here because of our true self (unified field) wanted it so and we want to just be joyful. We have no where else to go and nothing else to do but just be right here and right now in this moment on the unicycle of spiritual awareness and just enjoy the ride. Once we establish firmly in this true state of being of self realization, we can go about doing anything we want to. We can go about helping others learn to ride a tricycle, bicycle or a unicycle. The true purpose of Life is to realize that Life Is For Enlightenment.

  Any Body Can Develop Everything For Growth